Federer: ‘T金枫叶 项目赚钱otti a modern icon’

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“With me he’s always embarrassingly kind. This year, if I come to Rome, I will ask him for friendly advice about restaurants.

“What they’ve done for football and motorcycle racing has no equal. They are examples, icons, modern history.

The Giallorossi has had a difficult campaign and his future with the Lupi is in doubt as he’s yet to be offered a new playing contract.

“Totti wants to continue? He has the right and I support him.

Federe皇冠外围投注r is regarded as one of the greatest tennis players of all time and he offered support to Totti in an interview today.

“Nobody can tell us when to stop, it’s such an intimate and personal decision.

“I’ve not seen Rossi for a while but I’m convinced that last season, although it had a bitter end, gave him new motivation. And then they网上21点 call us veterans…”

Tennis legend Roger Federer gives his support to Roma’s Francesco Totti: “Francesco, Valentino Rossi and I personify our sports.”<线上足球投注/p>

“Francesco, Valentino Rossi and I personify our sports,” Federer told Corriere della Sera.